Hydro Excavation Program Extension

LITAP: Hydro Excavation Program 

IFA Sponsored LITAP Program for Small Public Water Systems is Now Open!





LITAP: Hydro Excavation Program Register Here!


Register for the LITAP Program HERE!

The Alliance of Indiana Rural Water Association will be offering FREE hydro excavation services for assistance with service line validation through our partnership with the Indiana Finance Authority. Starting early Spring 2024, the Alliance will be working with U.S. Hydro Vac to provide service line validation services for qualifying utilities. For systems with less than 1000 service lines looking for assistance with a Lead Service Line Inventory or looking for assistance with meeting the requirements for the hydro excavation services, register for LITAP or contact LITAP@inh2o.org.



Requirements of Eligibility:
  • Must have 1000 service connections or less.
  • Must be registered for LITAP.
  • Must have associated your utility with your 120Water Portal account.
  • Must have all service addresses added to your inventory and uploaded to the 120Water Portal.
  • 50% of your service lines must be validated and uploaded to the 120Water Portal
  • All other non-physical means of validation must have been attempted by the utility and verified by an Alliance technician.



What is the LITAP: Hydro Excavation Program?

The Hydro Excavation Program is an extension of the IFA – Lead Inventory Technical Assistance Program and will provide hydro excavation services for utilities under 1000 service connections to assist with validation of unknown service line material. Utilities will be expected not only to meet the number of service connections requirement, but also the vetting requirements for the status of their Lead Service Line Inventory. The program is not intended to validate all unknown service lines in a utility, but to assist in validating service lines that are unknown after all other non-physical means of validation have been exhausted.


How do I register for the program?

After ensuring you have met the requirements of eligibility, simply fill out the registration form by following the link on this page or reaching out to LITAP@inh2o.org for more information on registration.


Can utilities get assistance in meeting the requirements of the Hydro Excavation Program?

Yes. LITAP is free assistance with Lead Service Line Inventories. If you need assistance in ensuring you meet the requirements of the program, register for LITAP, or reach out to LITAP@inh2o.org for more information or support.


Are there any costs associated with participation in the Hydro Excavation Program?

No. The program does require that any construction related fees established by the utility, such as road cut fees, be waived or covered by the utility.


For More Information

Contact LITAP@inh2o.org for more information about assistance with LITAP.



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