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The Power of Association

As the only affiliate of National Rural Water Association in the state, the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water is proud to offer our members an array of products and services that have been vetted and specifically chosen as partners that work well with and for rural water and wastewater utilities.


If you have any questions about any of these programs, please contact our office at 888-937-4992 or ask your circuit rider.  


Affinity Partners / Programs and Services Portfolio



Service Line & Leak Insurance: ServLine

ServLine is a new and unique insurance program that will cover water lost with no deductible, repair or replace a customer’s water and sewer line in a timely fashion.   Learn More ...




Rural Water Loan Fund

The RWLF provides low-cost loans for short-term repair costs, small capital projects, or pre-development costs associated with larger projects.   Learn More ...




Websites: Rural Water Impact / Municipal Impact

At and we host beautiful, easy-to-use websites for hundreds of towns and water systems across America.   Learn More ...



Healthy Benefits

Wellness Works

The NATIONAL RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION, in collaboration with Mike Keith Insurance, is pleased to introduce the ‘Wellness Works’ program to give NRWA members a comprehensive and affordable health benefits option to meet all of the compliance requirements of ACA.   Learn More ...




Mass Notification System: IRIS / TechRadium

IRIS – Immediate Response Information System, gives organizations the ability to broadcast information via voice and text to thousands of people simultaneously with its easy-to-use mass notification service, IRIS.   Learn More ...




Lead & Copper Resources: 120Water

The 120Water platform consists of sample & filter kits, cloud-based software, and services used to manage and execute water programs at scale while saving operational resources.   Learn More ...



Alliance of Indiana Rural Water Partners



Payments: Nexbillpay

Nexbillpay is the leading payment processing software solution for ANY SIZE utility company, serving rural utility companies across the country. Let us customize our solutions to your business.   Learn More ...