2022 Water Taste Test Contest

Best Tasting Water in Indiana

2022 Water Taste Test Contest

2022 Water Taste Test Contest

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Regional Taste Test Schedule

March 17th - French Lick @ Spring Conference - Winner: Fort Wayne Utilities

May 26th - Akron @ Operator Expo - Winner - Garrett Water Works

July 13 - Bourbon @ training  (Date & location change from June 16th in Upland) - Winner: Hamilton Water Department

August 24th - Connersville @ training - Winner: Franklin County Water


Systems may choose to compete in any of the regional competitions. Submissions MUST NOT have any major violations of bacteriological testing or chemical monitoring for two years prior to the Taste Test. Winners from each region will advance to compete in the “Best Tasting Water in Indiana” at our annual Fall Conference, October 26th, 2022 in Fort Wayne, IN. 

(Regional winners will receive one free fall conference registration.)


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Official Contest Rules 

1. Upon arrival at the taste test site, register your one-gallon sample. Samples will be stored by Alliance staff until the taste test. A representative from the system MUST be present during the contest. 

2. It is preferable that you submit the one-gallon container of water, labeled with your system name on the bottom, in a glass container. 

3. Store your sample on ice, in a small, labeled cooler. No large coolers will be accepted, as space is limited. All coolers will need to be retrieved after the contest. 

4. Systems submitting samples must be members of the Alliance and meet IDEM approval by having no violations of bacteriological testing or chemical monitoring for two years prior to the Taste Test. 

5. A panel of judges will be selected to rate samples based on taste, odor, and clarity. 

6. The winner will receive a news release to appear in the Hoosier Pipeline magazine, as well as an all-inclusive trip to Washington, DC to compete in the NRWA Great American Water Taste Test 2023.