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Lab Technician/Wastewater Plant Operator - Yorktown, IN

Open Date: 06/26/2018 End Date: Until Filled

The Town of Yorktown Wastewater Treatment Plant is accepting applications for the position of Lab Technician/Wastewater Plant Operator (Class 1 or higher). The application and job description are posted on our website at www.yorktownindiana.org or can be picked up at the Town Manager’s Office, 2400 S Russ St., Yorktown, IN 47396. Candidates must possess a valid Indiana Driver’s license and pass a pre-employment drug screen. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 2 years’ experience working in a laboratory environment or related experience, possess or be able to obtain within one year “Registered Pretreatment Coordinator” certification from the Indiana Industrial Operators Association, Inc., and possess or be able to obtain a Class I Wastewater Operator license within one year. 

Resumes and completed applications may be submitted to the Town Manager’s office or emailed to polson@yorktownindiana.org for consideration until the position is filled.


Lab Technician/Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Wastewater Department 

Under general supervision; performs semi-skilled and manual labor tasks associated with the operation and maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) as defined by the State Board of Health. 

Examples of Essential Functions Essential functions may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

• Operates and maintains pumps, pipes, and valves to move wastewater through the various treatment processes. 

• Checks a variety of meters and gauges to endure plant equipment is working property. Also, checks pumps, motors, blowers, pressure and vacuum gauges, timers, boiler, air and water lines for proper lubrication and operation. Makes necessary adjustments. 

• Performs laboratory tests including, but not limited to: dissolved oxygen, five day BOD, pH, total suspended solids, total solids, settleable solids, and Cl2 residual. Also, responsible for proper calibration of laboratory equipment. Makes any adjustment in plant processes dictated by laboratory results. 

• Takes readings and records a variety of information including pump running times, wet well levels, pump efficiencies, raw sewage and return sludge flow readings, sludge blanket readings, boiler gauges, and generator gauges. Maintains daily log of all plant activities. 

• Cleans and maintains plant equipment and property which includes such tasks as replace worn equipment, painting equipment, cleaning interior pump components, cleaning work areas, bar screen, and grit chambers. Also responsible for exterior yard work where appropriate. Makes minor equipment repairs and reports damage requiring major repairs. 

• Continually observes all equipment for mechanical operation. 

• May coordinate work of other skilled and unskilled workers in the operation, maintenance, and minor repair of the WWTP equipment. 

• Perform inspection of industries, businesses, and residential homes. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities • Requires extensive knowledge of and the ability to operate and maintain all equipment used in a WWTP. 

• Requires extensive knowledge of the use of test equipment necessary in testing and reporting the efficiency and safety of the WWTP. 

• Requires the ability to read a variety of meters and gauges and to make adjustments when necessary. 

• Requires the ability to perform and interpret a variety of laboratory tests and to adjust equipment as necessary. 

• Requires the ability to make minor repairs to electrical and plumbing fixtures. 

• May require the ability to direct and coordinate the work of others in the operation of a WWTP. 

• Requires the ability to operate a diesel tractor, 1 ton dually truck, and other vehicles. 

Physical Characteristics 

Vision sufficient to read instruments and equipment specifications; sense of smell sufficient to smell odors associated with waste water hazards; hearing sufficient to hear verbal instructions and normal conversation; mobility to walk, sit, climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl; dexterity sufficient to operate manual and power tools, light and heavy duty equipment, and other equipment utilized in the course of work; strength sufficient to lift and move heavy items weighing up to 25 pounds on a frequent basis and occasionally lift up to 100 pounds and/or move up to 250 pounds; endurance sufficient to maintain efficiency on the job and stand as necessary for extended periods of time. 


Working Environment 

Primary work environment is outdoors in a wide range of weather conditions with temperatures ranging from below 50 degrees to above 100 degrees. Employees are exposed to loud engine noises, dust, vibrations, and unpleasant sewage and debris odors. Employees may be required to work during evenings, weekends, and holidays on a call-out basis. 



Must possess an appropriate Indiana Driver's License at the time of appointment. Must maintain a satisfactory driving record. Must possess or be able and willing to obtain a Registered Pretreatment Coordinator certification and a Class 1 (or higher) Wastewater Operator license within one year of hire date. 

Resumes and completed applications may be submitted to the Town Manager’s office or emailed to polson@yorktownindiana.org for consideration until the position is filled.


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